Scrisoare de sustinere din Croatia

Dear and respected parents all over Europe,

Every day we hear more bad news. Governments all over the world are imposing their force on parents with laws which are against basic human rights.But the good news is that we are waking up! We are more and more brave and determined to defend our own children’s health. Let them know we have opened our eyes and we are getting together because united we are stronger!

The main question that all the parents in the world need to ask today is: Who is making decisions about our children? Is it Big Pharma or doctors and politicians, or is it us, parents and caregivers? Parents can not be forced to take a risk and vaccinate their child to allegedly protect other child! Parents are responsible for taking care of their children as best as they can by all natural laws. No conscious parent would to harm his/her child. Our love for our children is pure and honest.

We know that vaccines carry the risk of harming the health. It does not matter whether someone intentionally doesn’t want to see it or is it for someone’s profit – we, parents, are looking for transparent information on the benefits and risks of every medical procedure for our children including vaccines! Our children are not guinea pigs!

Let your love for your children and for all children of the world guide you, make sure you’re heard by those who are covering their ears and seen by those who are closing their eyes to the truth! Let those who have promised “primum non nocere” also hear it! May those who are legally protected from their mistakes and who earn money on the damaged children’s health hear it too! Protect your children from this brutal system. Your children are your hope for a better future!

We quote our well-known immunologist, Dr Srećko Sladoljev: “The hungry and thirsty children of the world need food and clean water, home and safety. They need Temples without traders.”

We stand with you.

Civil Initiative “Vaccination – Right of Choice” Croatia

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